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Request Personalized Online Order Page

DocuTec can create a custom order form for you or your business with the printers and supplies that you currently use. You no longer have to remember all the confusing numbers and names or which supply goes to which machine. Plus, we can give you custom pricing that will always be there for you.

Ordering Simplified

Once we create your unique order form, you will receive a ‘welcome email’ that will allow you to download to your desktop.

When it’s time to order, you just click on the icon and in seconds, a web browser opens up and logs you in securely to your order form. No website addresses, usernames, passwords, or phone numbers to remember, just instant access to ordering! Once you place your order, the system generates a confirmation number that allows you and DocuTec to track the orders. There is also a message area to request special instructions on service repair calls.

Just fill out this form to get started!